Helping You Navigate the World of Photography and Digital Content Creation: B and H Photo Continues to Impress Me.

Today I was looking for a way to convert my LPL6600 enlarger into a copy stand. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and since I live in Japan, I definitely don’t want to give any space to one more object with a large footprint.

I expected a difficult web search to reveal all sorts of weird mods requiring extensive use of duct tape and gaffers tape but the solution turns out to be a simple adapter part. My first search revealed the part for $60 (CDN) but I thought I could maybe do a bit better. didn’t turn anything up and then I remembered my holy grail of camera equipment so I typed in the url. And true to expectation, B and H had the same part for twenty dollars less (assuming the Canadian-American currency exchange is still around even).

Here is a link to the magic part in case your curious.

I love B and H Photo. In New York, it’s at the top of my top places to go and thing to do. When I went to New York last year, B and H photo was the only place I made sure I to have a picture taken of me. The store’s selection is pretty thorough for all things camera-y, even obscure camera items. Last year I was able to get a Lee graduated ND filter after not even being able to order one in Tokyo.

But apart from an intriguing inventory, today I found another reason I like B and H in a tab in the website’s menu bar, “Learn In Depth.”  This leads me to the review portion of this post. This menu tab leads to a selection of articles and videos in categories such as photography, video, home computers, subdivided into more categories such as “Lighting Tips”, “Prosumer Gear”, “Printers”. I’m thrilled! A quick browse of the topics on offer shows a site that I can point friends and relatives to when they need more information than I can give. If you really dive in, you can read lots of product announcements, as well. Who doesn’t like product announcements?

While I generally know what I’m looking for when it comes to camera and lenses I like to research equipment even if I’m not in the market at the moment and I love reading product announcements. A regular favorite of mine is But camera-newbie friends have told me that it can be a bit intimidating. With gear in general, it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed by the selection, and the new product news. I really appreciated the easy to read format of the articles.

In case you wondered, I’m not affiliated with B and H beyond being a happy customer. I’m just sharing a link that I thought you might like or find helpful. Here’s the link once more for good measure!

Feel free to post any links that you like or that help you navigate the world of photography and digital content creation. I always love  learning more. It’s a vast, never-ending field.

Happy creating!


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