Dreaming of Imaginary Dragon Fish

illustration by Lori Ono

Dream Fish

I did this illustration a while ago, and then decided to scan it and try coloring and airbrushing with Photoshop. Mostly, I’m happy with how it turned out. I think I might want to change the color scheme. Not sure. The colors are inspired by a trip to Thailand. I love the purples, pinks and blues I see there. I’m trying to get an underwater look but vary between thinking it looks washed out or just floating in space. Maybe some more bubbles in the foreground.

What I really love is this character. I want to write stories about her. I think of her like some kind of imaginary dragon fish. I can imagine here day, but haven’t come up with a name yet. She started as a doodle for a “who me?” facial expression and went from there.

What comes first for you? Color palette? Facial expression? Character?

Happy Creating!

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One Response to Dreaming of Imaginary Dragon Fish

  1. writecrites says:

    What comes first for me: colors and shapes. This one’s lovely.


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