Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


Photo taken in Prague in front of the Rudolphinum, April 2010

Solitary is walking alone.

Solitary is a statue, isolated in its thoughts.

Solitary is rain. The wet brings a chill that heightens the senses. The subtle aromas released or covered by the rain allows the mind to turn inward.

For me, the key to this photo is the statue. It reminds me that even when we think we are alone in our journeys we are always being observed, that even solitary existences converge, cross then move on.

If I were to do a photo with that theme in Tokyo, I might capture the same idea, but the energy would be completely different. I could catch solitary but it would be adrift in the frenetic energy that characterizes this city. Hmmm… there’s a thought for a future photo.

I tend to do a lot of photos that examine the theme of solitary. This one is from a collection on my website that I titled “Channeling Atget.” For me, Atget is about capturing that contemplative melancholy on misty or rainy days.

Which artists or photographers do you think capture the ideal of solitary? Come to think of it, is there only one ideal for the concept “solitary”?

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One Response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. hugmamma says:

    So true about Tokyo. I’ve not been there, but have seen many photos of the hectic, crowded, exciting city. 🙂


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