Sakura and Sparrow

Sparrow perched among sakura blossoms.
Sakura and Sparrow, Spring 2012, Tokyo

Going through some files for another project, I came across this photo. It’s my favorite photo from sakura season this year. What I like most about this photo is the color palette. The soft blues, pinks, browns and grey really convey the sense of spring. This is completely off season, so I’ll try to find some autumn stuff. The leaves don’t change color in Tokyo until mid to late November, so it will be a while before I get any real autumn stuff for 2012.

I don’t photograph a lot of animals. Not a lot of wildlife in Tokyo. There are quite a few birds, the occasional frog (toad perhaps?) or butterfly and lots of rodents and insects. I rather enjoy photographing spiders as long as I don’t get too close. A sparrow makes me perfectly happy with it’s cute fluffiness and it’s crumb scrounging ways.

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