Ink Garden of Edgar Allan Poe. Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s Postaweek Photo Challenge is green. At first I was going to upload a bunch of green bug pictures that I have, but when I sat down, a bottle of green fountain pen ink caught my eye. I realized that for me, green is the color of ideas, growing little thoughts into things that exist in the world.

This ink is by De Atramentis from one of their series of topic inks. The colored inks are based on famous historical figures, writers, artists and musicians. The one I choose is Edgar Allan Poe. I love writing with my fountain pen with this ink. It is a nice, dusty green. It reminds me of old manuscripts and dusty libraries. It also reminds me of Poe and his connection with absinthe, though this site suggests that Poe was not an absinthe drinker.

When I photographed the bottle, it looked black. I thought about writing something to show the color, but then I remembered Wolfgang Tillmans and his ink in water photos. I’m off and on about Tillman’s work. Some I really like and some don’t work for me but I liked his ink in water. It seemed like a great way to show the color of Edgar Allan Poe and at the same time express something.

When editing the photos, I noticed that I was finding a lot of images and shapes in the swirling ink. My own ink-blot test? The dark swirls seem moody and Poe-like. Most of them reminded me of gardens and little seeds trying to grow. It reminded me of ideas and what I try to do when I write– grow my own ideas. And so there’s my concept.

Wondering what kind of images you see in the swirls of ink?

Happy creating.



10 thoughts on “Ink Garden of Edgar Allan Poe. Weekly Photo Challenge: Green”

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      It seems that swirls and waves are a theme for me lately. Starting with the spirals from the geometry photo challenge, which is how I met you and your blog, to a tessellation drawing I am working on now.

      It’s really interesting you saw the ocean garden. By the way, “fronds waving in the green seas” is a kick-ass description.


      1. A tessellation drawing sounds intricate, just the word sounds full of movement. I hope you’ll post your creation? Oh, to spend time in kelp forests is to be drawn into a secret world where water and light collude in shifting patterns. A bit like palm trees swaying to windsong 🙂


    1. Thanks Alexis. They were fun. I would do these again sometime but use better lighting. I used natural window light from my back room and it was not as bright as I would have liked.

      Another project for another day…


    1. Thank you very much Maurizio. I enjoyed doing the write-up as much as taking the photos so I’m really glad you liked it.

      I’m finding that I really like reading about the process of how people create their photos as much as the image itself. Then again, I’m the kind of person who adores movie commentary and “making of…” bonus features on DVDs.

      You have some great write-ups as well. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Nice to meet you!


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