Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram. A Reminder to Get Back to Writing

The Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram provides a good opportunity to remind myself that I should be writing. I’ve embedded an Instagram of two photos I took of a graphic novel I’m working on. The first is from when I was having some chocolate to ease some writers block. The second is of a character, The Meta Cricket, who says it’s time to get back to work and stop playing with the blog.


But since I’m playing, I should address this week’s topic: A time when my life was changed in a split second.

Change in a split second? The first thing that comes to mind is something dramatic like a car accident, the last ball rolling out of the lotto machine giving you the winning number for multi-million dollar ticket or some kind of life-changing news. Luckily, well… I wouldn’t mind a million or so but other than that I’m lucky I suppose, I don’t have any real drama like that.

For me, it was opening a magazine and reading about a conference. The magazine was Romantic Times Book Review Magazine, and it was for their annual Readers’-Writers’ conference. I had been toying with the idea of writing and opening that magazine to that page was the sign to go for it. I went on my own which was a rather shocking move to my family and friends with only some people I had “met” through an online email loop.

It was pretty easy to make friends. I was surrounded by people who love to read and write. Right away there was common ground. I had found my people. Funny how sometimes one has to go so far to discover one’s tribe. I’m still friends with people I met there even though we live oceans apart. I’m continuing to meet other writers and readers and it’s amazing.

It hasn’t been a smooth transition to finishing a novel. I have taken lots of detours (photography) and learned a lot about writing and what I want to write. I’m writing more consistently now because the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that if you want to write, you gotta sit in the chair.

Now that I’ve taken that nice little trip down memory lane, I’m off to apply that great lesson and finish my current work in progress.

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