It Shouldn’t Be But It Is: Yearly Life Drawing Class

Sometimes we get a chance to do something we don’t do often enough. For me, this is life drawing. If I want to get better at drawing people, I need to draw real people. Referring to a photo is helpful, but just not the same. On Monday, I got a chance to do a life drawing class. This has been an annual thing for the last three or for years.

A good friend of mine is an art teacher and I help organize this session for her students. I met the model at a photography class a couple years ago. I asked if she was interested in posing for a class of art students and she told me that she does that quite often. She is also a professional Butoh dancer so she is very strong and flexible. She also does really interesting poses. She’s moving to Morioka so this class was my last time to see her. She kindly brought a successor for next year.

What’s good about having a professional art model as opposed to just grabbing someone you know is that a professional model can stay still in an interesting pose for a long time. Think it’s easy? Try it. And try drawing a reluctant model? Not fun. If I practice more I will probably get faster and frustrate volunteers less, but as it is, it takes me a while. Classes are a more peaceful bet.

This piece is a twenty minute study. It’s my first time to use black paper and white conte crayon. It was a bit hard at first to change my thinking from white paper, black tools. Once I caught on to drawing light instead of drawing shadow it was a lot of fun.

My friend has a line on a place nearby that has life-drawing classes. The instruction will be in Japanese, which is an issue that reduces opportunity to take classes. Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive or have too many “rules.” I’d rather do a drop in than take a series of classes. There’s a lot of benefit from a building series of instruction, but not if it takes up more time and money than I can commit to. Looking forward to seeing how this class idea shakes out.

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