I Can Tell By the Spit

The saliva thick in my mouth, unable to spit if I tried is one of the ways I can tell I’m getting a good cardio workout. It never happens when I run but it does when I cross country ski or rollerblade. I don’t do much skiing since I moved to Japan. Aside from being hard to find, it’s not as convenient as living in Calgary or Vancouver when I could throw my skis into the car and go to the trails a couple times a week. The closest I can get now is rollerblading. After years, I’ve finally got a new pair and brought them to Tokyo.

Living in Tokyo isn’t the easiest place for rollerblading if you can’t get to a path along the river. The roads are too narrow with too many blind corners where cars, bikes and pedestrians are prone to popping out with no warning. It’s downright dangerous. This means the paved paths along the river are a real treat. They’re generally in good condition and marked well with divisions and distances.

I live 3 km away from the Tamagawa river paths. So far I’m getting dropped off by car, but eventually I want to ride my bicycle down. From my research there’s a path that goes along the river from Haneda airport to Ome. I think I’m about 8 km from the airport. I’m going to try to get down by the airport and back sometime this year. I wouldn’t mind going to the other direction, to Ome, by rollerblade but I know that the path around Futagotamagawa is dirt. That part of the route is on a road along running along the river. It is scary enough by bicycle. That’s more adventure than I’m looking for. I suppose I will have to suss out that direction by bicycle first to find out exactly what will work with rollerblades.

View of Fuji across the Tamagawa while someone is flying a kite for Oshogatsu (New Year’s) Holiday. Being able to see Fuji is a big plus for me. It always makes me happy.

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