Kitijiro Nekowski’s Cousins: cats with a fish in a bag


These are the cats I knitted my my nieces and nephew. They are the same pattern as Kitijio Nekowski, from La Droguerie. When I finished the cats, I felt that they needed a little something more so I gave them accessories. What does the modern cat want? Fish! And little bags to carry them in.

The felted fish (I love that alliteration) are my design. I’m really happy about them because they look exactly like my pencil sketches. What surprised me is the feedback that the fish are more interesting and popular than the cats.

I made little satchel bags out of mandarin orange nets and bias tape. In theory, it should have been easy. Making them was more challenging because the plastic net is really stretchy and hard to keep it in place with the bias tape. Plus it would have been easy if I hadn’t threaded the sewing machine wrong. This was the second time for me to use it so the learning curve hasn’t been mastered yet.

To complete the gift I made little sleeping bags for the cats. I sewed the initial of my nieces and nephew on the outside of the bag to mark who got which cat. The sleeping bags were another part where theory didn’t live up to practice. By the time I made the third bag, I had figured out the machine and felt confident enough to rip out the seams of the first bag and do it over.

The photos were done at my local post office before I sent them off. I almost forgot to take any photos in my rush to get them to Canada I’m time for Christmas. Happy to say, the package made it in time.



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