Most Useful Glue Ever!


Have you ever wished that you could make your own Post-it type notes? Or maybe you wanted to glue something on but still be able to take it off?

I just found a really nice tape-style glue that does the trick. Kokuyo has a product called Dot-liner that comes in two types of glue. It works just like the white-out tape. Drag it along your paper and you get a neat, smooth line. No goop. No spills.

The つめ替え(tsume kae) type allows you to glue items but remove it from the surface and replace it without damaging the surface or the item. The glue remaining on the paper rubs off with without a trace with a finger, unless your finger is dirty.

I’ve been using it for laying out photos and text for a book project I am working on. I’m able to take the workbook with me and work on the go without worrying that things are going to fall out. It’s never been easier to do this.

Tape always looks messy or gets bulky. Stick glue doesn’t always work. Sometimes stick glue gets chunky when applying. It’s also supposed to be “permanent” but I’ve found the stick glue often loses its stickiness. It doesn’t clean off from paper surfaces nicely either.

You can buy it Japan at almost any stationery store or at Amazon Japan. I’ve seen similar stuff on but I think your best bet would be to check a scrap booking place.


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