How the Tate Modern’s Artist Timeline is Inspiring My Photography

The Tate Modern is great for a lot of things. One of them is the Artist Timeline that graces one of the walls. I adored the graffiti feel of the timeline and love all that information available to my greedy eyes.

A nifty piece of paper to get your Modern Art basics. The image links to the Tate Modern Shop.

And you can buy a small copy for yourself at the gift shop. Which I promptly did. If you can’t make it to The Tate, you can buy it online for £7.95

Attending a Robert Doisneau exhibit yesterday has lead to thinking about my favorite photographers. Today, in a fit of list mania, I started listing their names, and the dates the lived, died (unless they are happily still alive!) and worked. It occurred to me that this would be awesome as a Tate-style timeline. It also occurred to me that I am developing a rather… over-keen interest in infographics.

The last thing, the LAST thing I need is another project. But continuing to learn more about photography is one of my on-going goals. I spend a lot more time researching gear (some people do shoes, I do camera gear), techniques and editing than I do history and context. I know what I like, but I often struggle to put a name to the image and I want to change that. The thing about making my own time-line is that I can tailor it to my own interests rather than obsessing over someone else’s who’s who of photography. I understand the concept of canon (that elusive list of standards that is always in flux, not the camera company… hmmm… photography pun?) but I feel a personally tailored list will help me grow and be more compelling.

So, over the next bit, I’ll continue to compile my list. If anyone out there has their recommendations about who to check out I’d love to hear about it. I might not agree with you or want to put them on my personal list, but I always love to hear what other people like or what has influenced other shooters.

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