Doubty Dragon: With or Without Wings?

This is my newest plushy creation, Doubty Dragon. His real name is Doubtful Dragon, both because when i started out to make this, I doubted it would look like anything, and because I was using crochet for stress management when thinking about some problems. My husband started calling him Doubty and it stuck. This was my second crochet project so I hadn’t got the crochet technique down yet. When i started, i didn’t have any pattern, just freeform crochet with no purpose. Gradually the idea of a dragon emerged while doing the main body– a dragon or a blue lightbulb. I started in November but Doubty languished for a while at the sewing up stage.

The texture seems odd but I find it interesting despite the error in technique. I ended up doing the spine and the whites of the eyes a couple of times because I didn’t get an effect I liked. It was really hard for me to get the triangle string for a spine. I never found a pattern for it so had to make it up. More experienced crochet people probably find it easy, but it was really challenging for me. I didn’t realize until I sewed the spine on that I should have starched and ironed it first.

The only sticking point for me now is if I should put wings on or not. I’m not a fan of these wings. They seem too small and the shape is blah. I used a leaf pattern. Rather ironic considering his name.

So should I leave the wings off, add them, or try to design new wings?








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