The Absence of Color. Weekly Photo Challenge

The absence of of color, or more correctly in this case, the tone of black and white is my subject for the weekly photo challenge. I adore the sepia color of this film.

I had some packs of Polaroid 100 film from the Impossible Project. This was the Paul Giambarba Sepia edition. I enjoyed using this film and I’m really sad it isn’t being made anymore. I was hoarding this film for something special and it ended up being at least a year out of date. When I went to shoot Sakura, I brought out my Polaroid back for the Hassy determined to use the film. I also had a bunch of 120 film that was old so that day ended up being more experimental than I planned.


This is probably my favorite shot. Not sure if it does my Hassy any justice as it looks quite soft, but that is an effect of the film. I’m really entranced with the tone of this sepia film. It has a nice dreamy quality. I’ve never been able to get anything really contrasts with this film, but given the overcast, drizzly weather, it was going to happen this day.

Most of the polaroid photos came out ok despite the film being out of date. Out of 10 photos, only two showed real signs of emulsion degradation. Not bad.

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