Blanket! Finally Finished!




In my excitement, I simply put up pictures at first, but I think I need to credit a few things first.

Circles: Noro Silk Garden/ 9 balls

Squares: Munsell Merino 60 King/ 23 balls

Purchased at Yuzawaya in Kamata


The idea for this blanket came from the Pop Blanket found on It is a knit pattern. I think this pattern is gorgeous but I wasn’t super keen on the way the knitting radiates out of the circle. I think it does have a smoother, more graphic look than my blanket. Also, I wanted something to do while commuting on the train. I tried knitting on the train, but it doesn’t work so well when you have to stand and it’s crowded.

My crochet sensei, Deana at suggested crochet. She crochets on the train all the time. I was a bit resistant at first because I strongly associate crochet with the crochet toilet paper holders with the barbie doll on top. But Deanna does amazing work and any time spend on Ravelry shows thousands of examples of beautiful things with nary a barbie in sight.

So inspired by Pop Blanket, I searched the internet for a pattern I could adopt. I found a circle pattern but it didn’t give me consistent sizes. After crocheting 35 circles and and making ten of them into squares, I was getting too much variation to sew it up nicely.

So it was back to the internet and I found this free pattern, Pokey Dots Throw at

The color scheme of this pattern is… dodgy. But there are some excellent examples of variations to be found. Alfin_Crafts made a great variation of this pattern and you can see her excellent example here.

I unravelled all the squares and circles, two and a half months of work and started over. The great thing about the Pokey Dots Throw pattern is that it uses a lot less of the colored wool for the circles. I saved myself two balls of wool by redoing the circles. The circles from this pattern make up much more quickly so it was a bit less painful.

Variations I made to the pattern because I liked them better:

1. I added a round of single crochet to make the circle bigger.

2. Around the original square I did a round of single crochet and then another round of double crochet to make my white areas larger.

3. For sewing it up, I used a slip stitch on the back because it was less bulky.

4. For the edging I did the first round in single crochet to even out the joins and then added another round of double crochet putting four stitches in the corner instead of adding two stitches with two chains between.

20130602-203853.jpg 20130602-203949.jpg



8 thoughts on “Blanket! Finally Finished!”

    1. Thanks for commenting! I meant to do a write up as well, but I got so excited I just posted pics.

      The wool for the dots is Noro Silk Garden and has beautiful variegation in the color so that was helpful.

      Love that expression, “blankets can be a mission.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.


  1. The idea and colours are gorgeous! This is coming from someone who is usually not keen on crocheting (possibly something to do with being forced to crochet pan holders in primary school?) – but this is lovely.


    1. I had my biases against crochet, too, and pretty much for the same reasons. I go to a stitch and bitch and some of the people do amazing and very modern looking crochet. It’s really inspiring.


  2. LOL! I haven’t thought about those TP Barbies for years! Your piece is absolutely amazing! Your hard work, research and persistence has really been worth it. The final design looks great and I can’t wait to see it in person. You are an infinitely more patient person than I and it shows in your work 🙂


    1. Thanks, Deanna.

      The only thing that kept me patient was the knowledge that if it looked messy, I’d always be annoyed with it. 😉


  3. Wow – that is amazing!! I can’t believe you did all that work by hand – very talented. And I love the modern twist on a traditional blanket – it looks really cool and fresh. : )))


    1. Thanks for you kind comment and for checking out my blog!

      I’m thrilled you used the word “modern.” That was really the effect I was going for.


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