Photos From Narita Express

Sent from my iPad

Heading to the airport on the way to visit my parents in Canada, I decided to play with an app I hardly ever use. The PuddingCamera App uses a variety of film types and retro camera lens types from single lens, twin lens to 4 lens. I think the single lens type is not very interesting. Instagram does a better job for the retro effects but limited to squares and PhotoWizard also does better with the filters but has the ability to crop as you like. I haven’t tried Hipstamatic. I have friends who do great things with it.

What I like about Pudding Camera is this four lens format. The app takes the image in four parts with a bit of gap and overlap. It gives a subtle David Hockney joiners effect that is fun.

I haven’t used this app a lot. When I get something I like, I like it quite a bit but it takes a lot of retakes to get the effect I want.

Would love to hear what other people are playing with for photo apps.

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