Cacio e Pepe. Cheese and Pepper Pasta

A few weeks back I saw a video about how to make cacio e pepe, cheese and pepper pasta. It is a pasta dish that has 3 ingredients: cheese (usually parmesan), butter and pepper. The video was a case of good timing as I had a hunk of parmesan cheese in my fridge but not many good ideas what to do with it. So I tried the recipe with the following result:

Cacio e Pepe

I added rucola to the side for some bitter taste, and some sweet cherry tomatoes. The biggest surprise for a garnish was the tiny grapes. I put them on the plate to use them up, but they had enough tartness and sweetness to cut through the richness of the butter but still complement the cheese.

It was pretty easy make this dish but you definitely must have the cheese grated and ready to go. If I would change anything, I’d probably use a sharper parmesan than the one I had on hand. Due to the large butter and cheese content, this dish is very rich.

A week later I tried using this recipe as a template to make macaroni and cheese. I had some aged cheddar and it worked really well. Best mac and cheese I ever ate. The recipe still had the high calorie problem so I’m relegating both to the In Dire Need of Comfort Food File instead of Regular Menu Rotation.



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