Weekly Photo Challenge: a Unique POV. Butterfly Down


This is another version of this week’s challenge. I wanted to do this photo originally but the mushrooms I found today really enchanted me. If you would like to check out the mushrooms, go here.

Found this butterfly on the road in Harajuku. Took a few photos but getting the angle I wanted was hard. I was so focused (ha ha) on the butterfly I didn’t notice the woman in the background until later. I think she makes the photo.

This is a fun challenge. If you want to read more about it, check out this week’s photo

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: a Unique POV. Butterfly Down”

  1. Wow, just…wow! I have to say that this one really sticks with me much more than the mushroom (although I like that one too). You’re right, the woman really makes this photo! This was a really great way to capture something that happens all the time. Yet, we just continue on with our day. We pause for a moment and think, “Sad.” Then move on. Love the colors and focal point! Glad you submitted this to the Daily Post so I could find it!


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