After the Typhoon. #18 Has Come and Gone

So typhoon #18 created a lot of havoc. I read that there were flood warnings in western Japan. In Tokyo, it wasn’t as bad as that, but it certainly was windy. I braved the wind and the horizontal rain to buy some groceries.  Getting to the store on foot wasn’t so bad because I could use my umbrella. I planned to take a taxi back home. That plan got nixed about five minutes after standing in line behind six people and getting soaked despite the roof at the taxi stand. It occurred to me I wouldn’t get much wetter and I might get home sooner if I walked.

Turns out, I got a lot wetter. My groceries were just a bit to heavy to carry them and hold an open umbrella in the wind. The groceries were worth it. I made rhubarb-apple compote and roasted vegetables. Meals for the week done! Spent most of the day wrapped in blankets and reading and doing some work. Even though the storm cleared in the afternoon, I maintained my rainy day attitudes.

I finally happened to look out my window just in time to catch the tail end of a great, colorful sunset. The air was pink! I grabbed a camera and ran to my bike hoping to get to Maruko Bashi before the sun went down. The best I could do was get some shots on Kanpachi.

Typhoon #18, 2013

Above is the pink air and below  is Post-typhoon #18 Sunset Over Kanpachi, Tokyo.

Typhoon #18, 2013. Kanpachi


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