Kaiju Grocery Shopping

Ever wondered what it would look like when a kaiju went grocery shopping? What would it buy? What kind of chaos would ensue? I didn’t set out to answer any of these questions when I started my scribble drawing. I was sitting on a flight heading back to Tokyo after a great visit to Calgary and Tampa Bay.

I wanted to draw but I didn’t know what I wanted to draw. So I did a scribble. I looked at the scribble and I saw a kaiju. I’d just seen Pacific Rim and I was heading to Tokyo so, of course, I had kaiju on the brain. I started to pick out lines and erase other lines to reveal my kaiju that appeared to be carrying something. This scribble process became the basis of the workshop I’m holding at my group exhibition in October. It’s not a process I invented but I think it’s one that I can share and people will enjoy.

This process took away the pressure of the blank page and it was fun to see what I discovered in the scribble. What really surprised me in this piece was the live chicken in the bag. Chicken nuggets or snuggy chicken? That part is still vague. I also enjoyed helping little alien-looking fella emerge from the scribble, screaming and running.

So without further ado, here is Kaiju Grocery Shopping.
Kaiju Grocery Shopping

I only wish now I had taken a picture of the original scribble. In all honesty, I hadn’t expected to be charmed by this sketch and the captain still had the no electronics ban posted.

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