Estello Debut at Tokyo Spidering Show at Hagiso Galley

Tokyo Spidering, the first exhibition of Art Byte Critique Group opens today at Hagiso Gallery in Yanaka near Nippori Station. Art Byte Critique Group formed about one year ago. Diversity has evolved as a key component of the group. Members represent a range of demographics and work in a variety of media.


Work from various artists of Tokyo Spidering

One of the interesting challenges our group faced when putting a show together is how to have a cohesive show when participating artists have different media and messages. Now that the show is up on the wall, I thinks it works. The variety in style adds interest.

I’m really happy to show work from my Estello Project. I started working on it in 2006. Estello is star made from modeling clay. This oil-based clay is messy but it means I can get Estello to interact with the environment and create more narratives. In the last two years I expanded into making illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. This year I’m also experimenting with Estello as objects and creating ways that viewers can interact with

20131016-151100.jpg Setting up the Estello Project at Hagiso Gallery

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