Doodle While You Wait


Patience is a virtue easily demonstrated by how you wait in a line. No one likes waiting but two things make it manageable for me: good line management by the store and having something to do, preferably to scribble on.

Recently I spent some time at the Genius Bar at Apple Store in Shibuya. I have to say they did an excellent job of line management. I also had a bag full of activities!

I was lucky. I dropped in without an appointment and still got my problem solved. I did have to wait a long time. While holding up a wall for about 45 minutes I updated grades for some classes I was teaching. When I finally got to be near a table I was done grading so out came the scribble book.

I love doodling without a plan. It’s kind of fun to see what the subconscious comes up with. Looking at the doodles is kind of like using a dreamers’ dictionary. This one was kind of like a replay of my day.

So wondering, what techniques are you using to be patient in lines and if you are a doodler, what are your doodles telling you?

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