Sock Monkey: Snow Version. Tokyo Snow 2014

Today it began, the largest snowfall Tokyo has seen in 18 years. Trains were delayed, stopped. Flights were cancelled and very few cars on the road. I decided to curl up, safe and toasty, at home until it was all over.

Snow-Sock Monkey seriously considers the ramifications of all this snow!
Snow-Sock Monkey seriously considers the ramifications of all this snow!

I didn’t completely ignore the snow. I spent a couple hours trying to take photos of snowflakes on my balcony but going out the front door. Not interested. That attitude almost turned out to be a crucial error. At 11:00 I decided to check to see if the snow had turned to rain. I tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. About 20 centimeters of snow piled up in front of my door. Wet, heavy snow that would likely have frozen my door shut overnight.

I threw my shoulder into it and after three or four good shoves, I got the door open. Then I realized I was actually going to have to shovel snow. Problem was, I don’t have a shovel. I grabbed this kind of dust pan and moved the snow to create a path. Now I had a heap of snow piled in my postage stamp yard.

What to do, what to do. Of course, build a snow creation! I decided to recreate my sock monkey in a snow version. Here is my sock monkey wearing a backpack for comparison.

A sock monkey wears a backpack
My sockmonkey is ready to travel!

Here are photos of the snow-sockmonkey and a few of my husband.

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