Yarn Addiction Thursday: Crochet Bracelets with Beads

Last year I was feeling kind of stressed and needed a distraction. My friend Deanna of Deanna Kobou Studio does great crochet work and she really inspired me to try it. Crochet looked like something that would distract me and, at the end, I’d have some kind of product. The plan worked really well. Crochet required enough focus that I didn’t think about my problems, and I chose simple stitches that weren’t overwhelming.

Beads and crochet bracelet.This bracelet was my first finished crochet project after playing with flower motifs. I had first started a free-form plushy I called Doubty Dragon, but Doubty took longer to finish. I used Noro Kureyon Sock (70% wool, 30% nylon) which I bought at Yuzawaya.  I like Kureyon Sock because its colorway gives a lot of different colors in a single skein. It turns out that it is great for making flower motifs of different colors. The bracelet is two crochet strings with leaves, attached by beads acting as bars connecting the strings. I added the flower motif that I learned, attached a clasp and voila! I gave the bracelet to a friend.

Use 'em or trash 'em! I found these sakura I made years ago in an old box.
Use ’em or trash ’em! I found these sakura I made years ago in an old box.

The bracelet  below is a product of some stash-busting I did a while ago. I was going through my stuff trying to figure out exactly what I had. I wanted to use things or get rid of them. I found these flowers that I must have made years ago. I have a vague recollection of thinking I could make a sakura necklace from beads. I love beads but I’m not so great at beading so it was nice to make something out of this.

20140501-232304.jpgI thought about doing the double string like the first bracelet. I like the effect but not the work. This was a simple string with leaves, attaching the sakura, the bird, and the clasp. I thought it made a nice accessory for Spring or Summer.


What kind of crochet accessories do you like? Recommendations are always appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Addiction Thursday: Crochet Bracelets with Beads”

  1. Art Instigator! Nice! I blame all the extra yarn I have on you! Seriously, I’m enjoying making things. I love my yarns. Im not giving them up. Crochet is a great commuter-friendly craft.


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