Yarn Addiction Thursday: Dragon Scales Scarf

Dragon Scales made from crochet.
Dragon Scales made from crochet.

I made this scarf for a friend. My inspiration was the Welsh dragon as my friend is Welsh and green rather than red as green is her favorite color. It is made with Noro Kirara (#10?).

I had originally wanted to make a spaghetti-string (i-cord) scarf with this brilliant green colorway in Noro Kama. I was making heaps of these scarfs based on a La Droguerie pattern. Sadly, Kama is way to thick to go through an i-cord knitting mill. I found a thinner yarn in a green colorway in Noro Kirara. No luck with Kirara in the i-cord mill either.

My next idea was to make scales using the crocodile stitch. I didn’t like how it was looking. I was hoping for something a bit more elegant than I could achieve with the stitch-yarn combo. If I was just going for playful, it would have been ok. But I wanted something that would look nice with a big coat. Amother minus for crocodile stitch is the large amount of yarn it requires. Kama is no longer produced so getting more than two balls was challenging. This was another reason to switch to Kirara.

I searched through the web for inspiration and found lots of shell patterns that were close but not quite. and found this pattern for a sweater which I adapted to a scarf. It had a kind of dragon scale feel to it. I made a few changes to the pattern. Stuffing the shell with more stitches per shell gave it a more structured scaley appearance. Since it was a repeating pattern, it was fairly relaxing to make. The hardest part was keeping track of the row ends and making sure I was doing the correct ending for the current row. One benefit of this over a spaghetti scarf is that there is NO sewing.

I like the color way for the Kirara but it was a bit more itchy than I expected. When I grabbed the ball of yarn it was soft but it became scratchy as the scarf progressed. I’ve heard that it gets softer when you wash it. When I finished it, I gave it a good wash. It did get quite a bit softer but I did lose a tiny bit of stitch definition. Happily, my friend loved her scarf. 



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