Get Your BLZ Bread Here.

Blueberry Lemon Zucchini LoafBLZ… Any guesses to what that might stand for?

If you guessed bacon, lettuce and…zucchini, close, but no. Instead of savory, think sweet. Think blueberry, lemon and zucchini. I recently came across some recipes for lemon breads. One was blueberry-lemon loaf and the other was zucchini-lemon loaf.

I already had blueberries, lemons and zucchini in the fridge and it seemed like the perfect time for a recipe mashup. But the recipes called for a 1/2 cup of oil? That seems like a lot. Plus I only had whole wheat flour. So I wasn’t just going to mashup some recipes, I was going to try a whole lotta substitutions. I went to the store to get some regular flour and icing sugar then I began my cooking experiment..

Here are my adaptations:
1. Blend flours so that 1/2 is whole wheat and the other regular flour
2. Dry the grated zucchini on a paper towel
3. Replace the oil with greek yogurt 1:1 basis as recommended at this site. I tried using the Livestrong site but I didn’t get their suggestion for oil. The other replacement suggestions were clearer to me.
4. Add a bit more flour
5. Add blueberries (rolled in flour so they didn’t just sink)
6. Cooked in a shallow pan instead of a 5×9 loaf pan because my oven is tiny and has uneven heating and leftover batter in muffin tins.
7. Never added milk to the glaze. It’s hot out and adding milk to seems icky. Maybe the sugar keeps it safe but… No. Just icing sugar and lemon juice.

1. It cooked through and fairly evenly. This is a major victory considering the oven I have. My microwave/oven is like a very short step up from an Easy Bake oven. Works great as a microwave. Is a bit dodgy as a regular oven. This odd combo is common in Japan.
2. It seemed a bit chewy or just shy of rubbery. This might be due to the yogurt or the type of flour. It tasted good, but not like I’d get when baking in Canada.

For Next Time:
Add more backing powder to make it more fluffy or less chewy.
Go to the baking specialty store to get better flour.

Do you have any recipe adaptions that you like? What kind of changes to you make when using yogurt instead of oil or butter?

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