These Needles Will Take Your Knitting From Muggle to Magic

Gorgeous colors PLUS smoother knitting?
Gorgeous colors PLUS smoother knitting? Must be magic.

The most magical knitting needles were revealed to me at Gina Brown’s in Calgary.  The Symphonie Dreamz by Knitter’s Pryde are made of densified laminated birch, and have different colors for different sizes. The set of 10″ single pointed needles comes in a case and runs about $65 USD. I’m keeping these in mind for my birthday.

These needles remind me of wands from Olivander’s Wand shop in Harry Potter. At Olivander’s, wands are made of various woods to suit the wizard or witch. The fact that these needles come in various colors (according to size) and are made of a birch instead of bamboo make them special to me. It seems appropriate for knitting because making something out of yarn is really a kind of magic.

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