Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014: We’re In!

Yuki. Star-fold book. Inkjet print. Macro photos of snowflakes.
Yuki. Star-fold book. Inkjet print. Macro photos of snowflakes.
I just found out from a fellow Art Byte Critique (ABC) member that our application for the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014 has been accepted. We’re IN! I’m super excited. This is a goal our group has been working towards for the last year. It’s been great to meet with members talk about art and book making and share projects and ideas. The people in ABC are great artists and wonderful people so I know this will be fun.

The event takes place on September 20-21 at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design GAIEN CAMPUS. We will be selling our books, zines and posters at a table.

Last year was a complete crush even until the last hour of the last day. I’m glad we’re a group so that we can take turns manning our table. This page will take you to our group blog and links to all the artists’ book. You can find my submissions at this page.

If you are a fan of Facebook, you can like our page here.


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