Tokyo Artbook Fair 2014: Interview with Lyle Nisenholz

The Zinesmate Tokyo Art Book Fair starts September 19th and I’m interviewing fellow Art Byte Critique artists about their work. The third in the series of eight interviews presents Lyle Nisenholz.

IMG_1079Lyle Nisenholz is an American artist, focusing on painting and illustration. Lyle will be presenting unique one of a kind hand-painted and hand-drawn books as well as multiple, smaller copies of his work. Strategically placed holes unite the pages of Lyle’s work, creating interaction with the surface pages and the pages below.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m from the United States, mostly California.  I lived in Japan for 11 years.  I’m a high school sketch book doodler and wanted to draw like Heavy Metal Magazine and Dungeons and Dragons. However somehow I earned a fine art degree from college.  Mostly I sketch and draw images on paper, it’s like a diary of my feelings and ideas.


 Can you describe (briefly) the process of making your book?
I make a book by using a sketchbook or separate pages casually.
As a new drawing develops, I create a hole in the image.
The hole makes a window for the image on the next page.
This window is the starting point for my next page image.
Again using the next page image, I will make a hole and continue as before.


Hand-painted book detail courtesy of Lyle Nisenholz.
Hand-painted book detail courtesy of Lyle Nisenholz.

Which is your favourite material/medium to work with?
I love pens and pencils most. They are clean and easy!

I have been doodling in sketchbooks since I was thirteen years old. I see most of my ideas in sketchbooks so I just make them into art



Is there a website where we can learn more about you and your work?

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