Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014: Interview with Marc Tibbs

With only a couple days more until the Art Book Fair starts, the fifth of seven interviews with Art Byte Critique members presents Marc Tibbs. Marc studied in the United States.

Where are you from? 
Growing up in many different cities of the world, my mother always encouraged me and my sister to open our eyes and hearts to the world and to continually be inspired by the experiences and environments that we found ourselves in. I never set out to become anything in particular and never held myself to a specific dream, but continually try to move forward through life only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience for adventure and to follow my passions. If I set out tell you about it all right here, I would likely only be able to create a thin, unsatisfying outline of a few of the things I have noticed along the way. It would take me forever to tell it all and I leave it up to the things that I create to tell the story.
What’s your process?
I have no clear process and prefer to make things up as I go along. The things that I enjoy doing tend to develop and evolve into something interesting. This bookmaking project started with learning how to stitch a book together and everything else continued from there. I experimented with ideas in words, sketches and by physically making the books. One thing that caught my attention early on were books with wooden covers, so I tried to incorporate that into my project.
Do you have any favorite materials?
Anything I can get my hands on a play around with. My favorite materials at the moment are acrylic paints, ink, good paper, and wood panels.
Do you have a website where we can learn more about your work?
I do not currently have a website for my work.


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