Through the leaf. Photography 101: Warmth


I think green, growing things really express warmth. I tried various angles of this monstera plant. From the front, the sun highlights the green against the white wall but that didn’t come across in the photo. I also had a hard time getting rid if my own shadow since the sun was directly behind me. Solution? Put the leaf between me and the sun to remove my shadow. This angle gave me the jewel tone and texture I’d been trying to capture.

Shooting behind the leaf and seeing the sunlight filter through the green matter echoes what it must be like to be a leaf reaching for the sun and soaking up the sunlight.

I’ve had this plant for six years. It started off as a cute little two-leaved plant and is now about 3 feet long. It’s crawled across the surface it’s on and hangs off the side, reaching for the light and the warmth of the nearby window.

I didn’t realize that the monstera is a climbing plant and needs a pole to climb on and grow well. I was thinking about tossing it since it has grown into the stairs entrance but the plant looks healthy otherwise so I feel guilty. It will get a repotting this weekend and it’s very own trellis to play on.

*shot with iPhone and edited on Instagram

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