Limericks: The Sushi Cycle

I made this ika last year. It is I my writing muse.
I made this ika last year. It is  my writing muse.

Day 2 of Writing 201 is limericks. Most of the limericks I find funny are dirty and usually rhyme with “Nantucket” but I try to keep it clean online.

Thinking of what to write, somehow my sushi eating experience came to mind. I like the idea of a cycle of limericks that go from sushi newbie to sushi pro. These limericks are about my journey towards liking something.

It’s a first draft which I might or might not polish up later. It’s a bit fictional since I still don’t like aka-gai and ika.

Sushi Newbie
My first aka-gai in a shop
Was a large sushi, not a fine chop.
Though I chewed and I chewed
The fish was never consumed.
Lucky clean-up required no mop.

Sushi Intermediate
My first ika-sushi in years
Required I drink copious beers.
To eat tuna and negi
You don’t have to beg me
But raw ika just leaves me in tears.

Sushi Pro
Maguro, scallops and clams
Without wasabi are bland
I love the green tea
Enough ginger for three
And the best shoyu in all of Japan.

Ika= squid
Shoyu=soy sauce


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