Role Play

Before I knew there was a before
Reasoning that my reasons were really
Killing, smothering the voice
Every dreamer has to separate the dream from the real
No one could tell me so I’d hear.
Then did you really mean to play?
Reasoning that your reasons were really
Unintentional attempts at innocence because
To my dreams covered uncomfortable truths you couldn’t tell.

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5 Responses to Role Play

  1. gridthusto says:

    Wow…This is very well done.

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  2. Noirfifre says:

    Hmm, this is deep, rolls like a spoken word.

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    • Lori Ono says:

      Interesting thought. I’ve never done spoken word. I’m uncomfortable with poetry read out loud, even though it is meant to be heard. Songs are done but reading poetry, for me it’s a cerebral activity. I’m getting better through listening to audio books


      • Noirfifre says:

        I think I get where you coming from. I love to hear spoken word but you can never find me on a stage speaking one. I will take scribbling any day of the week.


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