Hand-stitched Piggy Charm

Walking around in Jiyugaoka in December I came across a branch of Hobbyra Hobbyre. This store sells higher end yarns, fabrics (Liberty Cotton mainly) for quilting, sashiko (a Japanese embroidery style) supplies and some small toys. I looked in the window, saw yarn suddenly I needed to increase my stash. I was browsing wool, then my husband found this piggy charm.

I couldn’t resist. To buy pre-made  cost 9000 yen. To get the kit and make your own was around 1500 yen and came with needles. The pig was super cute and it was interested in getting a kit to learn a new technique and maybe design my own stuff later.

The hardest part was the yellow diamonds on the purse. To get those lines with nice even stitching required heavy use of  a stitch ripper. I also had a hat, but it made the piggy charm look way to elderly. But I’ve got the little chain on it to attach to things and it is ready to go out into the wide world—or a jungle.

Piggy Charm in the jungle
Piggy Charm in the jungle


5 thoughts on “Hand-stitched Piggy Charm”

  1. @universotokyo and @themissiontomars

    Thanks! It was fun once I got past the diamonds. Totally inspired to make my own stuff now.


    1. Thank you! I have lots of friends who do embroidery. One is an embroidery artist, and they definitely make it look easier than it is.


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