The Artful Fish


A found poem I made a while ago and revisited and edited today.

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12 Responses to The Artful Fish

  1. luckykaye says:

    ah, a fishy friend! I’m a bit soppy over my goldfish… 🙂


  2. Lori Ono says:

    I really like fish. We used to have a 90L fish tank and had fish that had babies. It was fun. Then we moved and gave our stuff to some friends.

    I’m thinking of getting another betta. Do you have posts about your goldfish?


  3. I’m enjoying the look of poems today. The words here are great too, but it’s like the words are pictures.


    • Lori Ono says:

      I agree. It’s interesting to see different approaches. And even more so than the concrete poems, the color and typography elements are key.


  4. I love the humour in this!


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