Morning Sketch: What Would It Look Like if a Kiss Swam with a Goldfish?

I wanted to start of the day with something creative. I used an old illo because I wanted to practice using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad. I used a layers technique like I would on Photoshop but I had to use my clumsy fingers since I can’t find my stylus. Plus this technique is more like coloring than drawing.

Fist the original illo as I scanned it:

I processed it in Photoshop Express because it looked dark and gunky.

Then into Sketchbook Pro:
I kept the lines from the base layer by erasing the blocks of color on the upper layers. I don’t really draw well in this app with my fingers. I added the word KISS because maybe the fact it was a chocolate kiss was vague. I thought about having it just chocolate instead of in foil but then I thought it might look like a swimming poo. I attempted to draw a foil bikini but that look was even more confusing. I spared your eyes the confusing foil bikini.




Back to PS Express because I thought it could look punchier and you get the image at the top. And thus ends my morning sketch post.

Let me know what you think or if you have any requests for goldfish or kiss cartoons.

Have a great day.

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