Artist Interview with Rukhe Neelofer Zaidi

rukhe-Neelofer-Zaidi-2-webFrom: Lahore, Pakistan
Currently: University Lecturer, Art Curriculum Director for large school system.

Tell me about your work and your medium.
I started in gouache/tempura. I changed because it was difficult to preserve the work. I changed to acrylic. I want a 2-D flat effect. I use a gouache approach to acrylic.

I first started by doing figures from above angle but recently interested in flora and fauna. I was inspired to change from figures to plants, when I started my own balcony garden. I most use my houseplants to create jungle scenes.

rukhe-Neelofer-Zaidi-1_webWhat’s your project here?
I’m working on a four-panel painting of a landscape (composite) inspired by the screens (fusuma). I’m really inspired by these leaves. I’ve never seen them before.

Why did you choose Shiro Oni?
I came because I’m interested in Japan and on the map, this looked close to Tokyo.

Local Inspiration/Observations
Japanese people are politest people on Earth, but reserved.
Communal living aspect is tough for me. I’m not sued to it.

After talking about creating art curriculum and teaching we talked about challenges for art in schools in Pakistan. Rukhe said the biggest lack for developing artists in Pakistan is the lack of art curriculum, museums and galleries. Art in school is sometimes considered a “free period.”


Find out more about Rukhe’s work on her her Facebook page.

rukhe-4-webRukhe’s End of Residency Show is on July 7/25-26 at Shiro Oni Studio
• 370-1401 Gunma Fujioka Onishi 529 Japan

How to Get to Shiro Oni From Tokyo (train and bus)
• Tokyo -> Honjo Station (本庄駅) on JR Takasaki Line
• fare about 1660 depending on original station
(I like to take Shonan Shinjuku Liner because it goes straight to Honjo)
• Use South Exit of Honjo
• Take the bus which stops in front of the 7-11., bus leaves about once an hour
• Get off at Onishi Yubinkyoku Mae (鬼石郵便局前). Bus fare is 660 yen.
• Walk about five minutes to Shiro Oni Residency main building, Kinuya.



**photos by Lori Ono at Shiro Oni Art Residency


5 thoughts on “Artist Interview with Rukhe Neelofer Zaidi”

    1. Thanks! There are more interviews coming this week. The artists are having an end of residency show July 25th and 26th,


  1. I am greatly impressed by the artist and the art produced by her. She is already well known to me as school of flat colour paintings in Pakistan. There are several young artists and students are follwing her techniques and style. I wish I would have been in Japan on 26th July to see her beautiful work.
    It would be a wonderful to hear that her work will also be at display in The National Art Center, Tokyo. I can write request to Dr. Aoki Tamotsu, Director General and Ms. Yayoi Motohashi, Curator for assistance if desired. Such cooperation definitely strengthen the cultural exchange between the two friendly countries.


    Muhammad Akhter Javed
    International Council of Museums-Pakistan


    1. Thanks for your time to read and comment.

      I really enjoyed speaking with Rukhe and it’s interesting to hear from someone who also enjoys her work.

      I am very interested in art in Pakistan after talking with Rukhe.


  2. I am looking forward to the work Rukhey is presenting in a new style.I often visited her gallery shows in Pakistan and found her work very natural.Most important is her passion for the Art which make her travel to Italy and now in Japan.I wish her best for her future indevours.

    Unsia Bano
    Consultant Urdu
    Islam Abad ,Pakistan


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