Stab Bindings and Book Preparation for Tokyo Art Book Fair 2015

I’m producing way less of each type of book this year and trying out different types of books. One of my inspirations is fellow Art Byte Critique artist Marie Wintzer. Her handmade books are unique works of whimsical art. You can see her work at her site The Bookworm’s Lunch.


 I printed a bunch of signatures (the contents of the book) for an series of amusement park photos.  Then… what to do, what to do? I decided on a stab binding rather than simply folding and sewing. But I wanted something a little more visually interesting than the basic stab.

The blog Becca Making Faces has an amazing variety of stab bindings. Go check it out. You will be amazed. She also generously posted some tutorials. But a lot of those were too complicated. I’m starting to feel the time crunch.

I decided on a hemp-leaf pattern for the stab binding. So I found another good tutorial at which for some reason I couldn’t follow. It’s me not the tutorial. But it gave me a great basis to start from.

Basically a stab binding is like that game of connecting all the holes without going over the same line twice. You can go in the same hole more than once, but not the same path. My way of thinking on it became, do one half of the path in one direction and finish the path on the way back. Finish around the same hole you started in.

Maybe someday I will experiment with more patterns like Becca Making Faces but for now, I’m going to settle on this. It’s not a full hemp-leaf pattern. When I figured out how to get that done, it was too busy. The solution would be to use fewer holes but I like the way this looks.

Goal number two is to use this book making as an opportunity to do some stash-busting. I’ve been saving paper and boards and random things.

When searching for a stab-binding tutorial I found this one at Coloresque for making a stab binding with a hard cover. Since I have all the materials I thought I’d give it a go.

You can see how that experiment went on my next post.

The Tokyo Art Book Fair is held from September Saturday 19 – Monday 21 (holiday) at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design GAIEN CAMPUS 1-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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