O-Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Report 2

It’s been peekaboo with the moon all night so far. I finally found an angle of the castle that I like.

Here’s a photo from the camera screen. 

I even deployed the off camera flash to get some oomph into the castle. That ended up being a bit problamatic. I’ve been using a Cowboy Studio Remote Flash Trigger which has worked perfectly up until I set the flash ten meters away. I guess it’s just out of range. Not a super big deal since I’m using long exposures but running from the camera once I click the shutter to get near enough to the flash for the remote to trigger was challenging. I’m pretty sure I looked ridiculous.

I’m probably also lucky I didn’t slip. The dew was pretty intense. My camera bag was covered in water like it had been raining. Which, reminds me of this PSA: ALWAYS WORK WITH YOUR CAMERA BAG CLOSED. Some people won’t need the reminder but it’s easy to get caught up in what you are doing or think to leave it open for a quick change.

I learned this lesson painfully when I first started doing photography. I’d taken my dog to a deep, snowy field. She was a great model frolicking in the snow. I’d left my camera bag open because it was dry, sunny and I was changing lenses. My dog came up and did a skidding stop that shoved snow into my bag. Hard to get mad when it was my fault for leaving the bag open and she was just so proud of herself for executing all commands with vigor. I definitely had a heart sinking moment. Luckily the gear was fine.

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