World Wide Photo Walk 2015: Tokyo, Yurakucho

It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks. The Tokyo Art Book Fair is finished, the Kanna Art Festival is over, just finished a week and a half of a short-term job, photographed the supermoon in Chiba on Sunday and near my house on Monday, prepped for an upcoming trip to Yosemite and finally the World Wide Photo Walk!

If you’re wondering what World Wide Photo Walk (WWPW2015) is your best bet is to check out Photoshop guru Scott Kelby’s page, Kelby One. Volunteers around the world organized a walk on their city and photographers meet up for a day of socializing and photography. We can enter one photo from our walk in a contest and the rest we can put up in the Flickr group. There are souvenirs available online and the proceeds go to a charity.

Candy Javier organized our photo walk here in a Tokyo and it was a nice day of meeting people and taking pics. We shot around Yurakucho. I took lots of pics but I didn’t get anything I liked until we got near the Yurakucho Concourse, a Mieji-era styled little tunnel under the train tracks. It’s interesting what does and does not catch out eyes. I don’t usually photograph people because I feel like I’m invading their privacy but I tried a few street shots. My favorite was a pair of elderly people holding hands as they walked down the street.

I brought more gear than I used.  I’d toyed with the idea of using some off camera flash, but just decided to focus on details and people using the 70-300mm lens. I love the 5DIII but I’m finding that changing lenses can be tough when I use a knapsack. I’m still trying to balance a healthy back and easy lens changes. I guess that perfect bag is my unicorn. My new camera bag has hooks on the back for my camera strap to keep the weight of my neck. It worked like a charm! At the end of the day my neck didn’t hurt and I felt less tired than I usual.

Candy, YT, Hideyuki and I finished the walk drinks at Manpuku Shokudo under the tracks. YT and Hideyuki kept shooting after but I had to go home, start packing and catch up on other work.

This is the photo I’m entering. I like the light in the rail underpass and the couple.
Here are some other shots I liked from the day.

Architecture and Details:

And now for the iPhone shots:

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