Blogging Gear: Logicool Keys to Go Bluetooth Keyboad Review

Red version of Logicool Keys to Go at a cafe and used with an iPhone 6plus
Red version of Logicool Keys to Go at a cafe and used with an iPhone 6plus

I’d been looking for a keyboard to use with my iPhone and my iPad. I’m honestly rubbish with the virtual keyboard. I don’t intend to compose epics but I wanted something to do a quick blog post on the go or a quick scene for a project. Being the picky person I am, my dream keyboard needed to be light, qwerty-format, easy on the hands and not weirdly folded. Affordable and accurate figured highly on the list.

During a trip to Bic Camera, I saw the Logicool Keys to Go keyboard. It’s not the smallest keyboard but it’s thin, flat and light. It also comes in black, a nice turquoise and a fablulous red. It’s qwerty-formated without any weird gaps to make it foldable. I quickly looked up user reviews on (because I prefer English reviews) and people sounded happy with it.

Was the search finally over? I tried the display keyboard. The keys felt a bit stiff and my only slight irritation was that the space bar is near the edge of the board and felt awkward at first.  As I write this, I’m no longer having that problem but I’m seated at a table.

I bought the keyboard (it currently seems cheaper online at Bic and Japan than in the store) and charged it up when I got home. It charges via USB quite quickly. It paired easily with my iPad and pairs with a second device if you hold the bluetooth button on the keyboard for two seconds to make it discoverable again.

I like that I can easily highlight, delete and copy text using the keyboard shift and arrow keys. I have the same command key functions I have on a regular keyboard except for command/z (sadly my most used command). It’s also possible to make an em-dash (option/dash) ). What can I say, I’m picky but easily amused.  I’ve been using the app iA Writer and it’s working really well but I’ve used it for texting also.

The keyboard also has function keys: home, language, camera, play and volume. The function key that switches between Keys to Go and the virtual keyboard is really helpful though it’s a habit to develop I think. I spent some puzzling moments wondering why the keyboard wouldn’t pop up when I wanted to text someone after a phone call. Duh… I still had keyboard priority not virtual keyboard. I actually really enjoyed texting with the keyboard instead of the virtual one. My friend appreciated the break from my usual absurdly innaccurate texts.

My keyboard came with a detachable device stand (I have the impression that this is not the case for sales in the US but I’m not sure). It words really well with the iPhone (best in landscape orientation) and is okay with the iPad (which MUST be in landscape orientation, not upright) but that feels a bit tippy.

There is no user manual in the box, just a set up sheet. The user manual is online  and is useful for a quick overview of everything. This link from the support site is specifically about pairing devices.

So far, I like Keys to Go a lot and I’m very happy with the purchase. I feel like this keyboard is the component I’ve been missing and kind of makes my iPad feel a bit obsolete or my iPhone a whole lot more useful.

242 x 6 x 137mm
180 g
Micro USB cable
2.5 hours to full charge
Usage time: each minute of charging gives you 2.5 hours of use (recharging frequency will vary between users)

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