I Don’t Scare Easily

A quick comic related to the post Listening to Scary Stories.img_4655img_4652img_4654

So how do scary stories affect you? Do they keep you up? Do you need the light on? Is there only one type that freaks you out? Maybe they’re no problem whatsoever.

What’s the scariest story you know?

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Scare Easily”

  1. I try to avoid scary stories or I won’t be able to sleep properly. I can’t even say the scariest story I’ve ever seen. It really put off watching TV for a whole month.


    1. I understand completely. I only get scared when my husband is not around. Otherwise it’s all good.

      Except for Blair Witch Project. I had to sleep with the light on. But I’ve been hiking in deep forests so that gave me an extra scare level.

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      1. Goodness, no… That’s a terrible movie to watch if you go hiking. I bet the hairs on your head were spiking. I lived in a national park on a hill surrounded by pristine forests when that came out. No way I was going to even watch. Sorry, that was a little funny.


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