Inaugural Issue of Mai Nichi Mushroom is Available!

I finally finished the first issue of Mai Nichi Mushroom, your monthly guide to your daily mushroom life!
I’m thrilled with how it looks and how the content came together.  I’m quite fond of the effect of the print on craft paper. The white background is digital, pre-printing. A5 (148mm× 210mm or 5.83″× 8.27″) ended up being the Goldilocks size for this project–not too big, not too small. It’s surprising how having only eight pages can be both a good limit and a tough challenging.  At first there are too many ideas, then after revising there is not enough content, then suddenly, there is not enough space! The other surprise was how many times I had to reprint  because I kept finding typos after I thought I caught all those rascals.

One of the interesting things since starting this project is how many people I’ve met who’ve actually been mushroom hunting or are members of mycological societies. It’s like a people keep it a secret until the feel it’s okay to talk about it! I say let your mushroom flag fly!

I’m looking forward to issue 2 next month were I continue the story of “The Great Mushroom Detective,” get into more mushroom life, and make some more puzzles and illustrations. I’m also hope to keep meeting more mushroom fans.

I haven’t decided where to sell Mai Nichi Mushroom yet. If you are interested in a copy please email norinoristudio at


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