Eminently Re-watchable

Sometimes you like a movie but you only need to watch it once. And then there are the movies that you watch over and over again. I have two categories of re-watchable movies: laundry movies, things I play while I fold laundry; the stickers, movies where you drop everything to watch and don’t move from your seat. They aren’t always the BEST movies but there’s something that keeps me coming back to these flicks.

Here is my list of re-watchable movies in alphabetical order because I’m feeling OCD today and it saves me from deciding on favorites.

All You Need is Kill (Edge of Tomorrow or Live Die Repeat or whatever title)
I am not a Tom Cruise fan and this movie revived his career I think because he kept dying over and over. I think it was really cathartic for the public after his spate of oddness. Plus Emily Blunt! I love her character. And her arms are my workout goals. This is one of the better treatments of the time-loop trope.

This movie still gives me the heebeejeebees. The tension and suspense in Alien is so well done. And it holds up surprisingly well visually for a movie from 1979. I like the Ripley character but she is not yet the icon she becomes in the second movie.

In this movie, Ripley is just so tough and so focused she really makes me want to up my game. Ripley always makes me want to work harder. This is the movie I watch when I need to refuel on kick-assness. And there were no more movies made in this series after this. 😉

Attack the Block
The idea that a young gang from council flats in London saves the world from aliens is a great concept. Some funny moments and Nick Frost. Try saying “Ron’s weed room” ten times fast. This is the movie I first saw John Boyega. I’m really glad he got such great exposure in the new Star Wars movie. This movie also shows that real tension can be created without major CGI and even using cheesy-looking aliens. It really proves that a movie should be more than the CG.

Cabin in the Woods
It’s gruesome and meta and it totally goes for the over the top ending. But there’s something about taking horror tropes and smartly turning them on their heads that makes this movie rewatchable.

Die Hard
Another movie I like because of Alan Rickman. I almost want Hans to get away with his heist. This is a stick to the seat ignore the laundry movie. I get sucked in every time.

The Easy A
Highschool and teenage life is such a weird time. Someone said it’s a modern reworking of The Scarlet Letter so I avoided it for years. They should have said it’s all about rumors, lies and the hyper-speed of social media. I always want to write a book called “How to Help Others Without Screwing Yourself Over” after I watch this movie. I think this movie should be required viewing for high school students.

Hot Fuzz
It’s a buddy-cop parody movie. I’m not a big fan of buddy-cop movies, but satire of English country life was funny. I enjoyed this movie more with subsequent re watching. Plus Simon Pegg.

Kung Fu Panda
I have probably watched this movie about 200 times. The first time I watched it in the theater and enjoyed it a lot. When it came up on my cable, I DVR’d it and watched it once or twice. Then I had a miscarriage and that movie was on repeated play for about 2 weeks. I’m not sure that I actually watched it each and every time. A lot of it was numbness. But it was the only thing that I could handle. I’m not sure why I’m still able to watch this movie given how I react to other stuff. I suppose “Legend tells of a legendary warriors whose skills were the stuff of legend” is the kind of catchy stuff I like. But I’m also highly amused by this T-shirt I saw 10 years ago that read, “I smell a smelly smell that smells smelly” so take it as you will.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended DVD version)
This is what I watch when I don’t want to talk to humans for days on end. It takes that long to watch it all. My husband who barely tolerates all things geek can actually quote parts of this movie because I’ve played it so many times. It warms my little geek heart when he quotes Theoden’s speech for the ride of the Rohirrim. I nearly fell off my chair the first time he did it. The DVD commentary on this DVDs is also well worth watching. Fascinating!

The Martian
When things are bad, I tell myself I could be stuck on Mars all alone. Actually, I don’t. I will never go into outer space, but I like the visualization and the mantra, solve the problem, then solve the next problem and if you solve enough of them you get to go home. For me, this movie is an ode to creative problem solving.

Monsters Inc.
This was the weekend brunch movie of choice for my husband and I for 4 months. It never got old. Mike Waskowski is funniest when he’s not trying to be funny. Pixar’s attention to detail means their movies never get old. If you get a chance to listen to director’s commentary do it!

The Mummy
I enjoy the balance of humor and horror in this movie. It’s tough to do. I-mo-tep. I-mo-tep (hearing your students chant this 10 years after the movie came out can also be rather alarming but funny) My favorite nugget is how Evelyn always wants to impress the Banbury Scholars. Banbury tales are tall-tales so this is a fun poke at academia. Striving to so hard to be part of the fakery is tragically funny. Oh! and John Hannah! ‘Nuff said there. The sequel is ok but the third installment is a travesty.

Okay, I rather have a secret crush on Simon Pegg. Hmmm… probably not so secret now. I love how this movie celebrates geek culture to the nth degree.

My favorite entry of the James Bond Franchise. I like where the character went in this movie. That feeling of being worn out, chewed up by work and choices really shows in this movie. The cinematography! This movie was such a visual delight for me.

Sense and Sensibility
I love a Regency romance. Emma Thompson manages to make Jane Austen’s novel relevant to modern viewers. The cinematography always makes me want to go to England. Alan Rickman made a great Colonel Christopher Brandon. I think I wouldn’t have given Willoughby a second look with Colonel Brandon around. Then again, I’m not 18 either. I never took to Hugh Grant. His blinkey-face still annoys me.  Eleanor Dashwood always makes me want to be more elegant, gracious and measured in my responses to life’s disappointments.

The September Issue
Ok, not geek, but I really admire the work it takes to make a magazine issue. Also the interviews with Grace Coddington and seeing her style a photo-shoot was really inspiring.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
I probably love this movie because Christopher Plummer plays a klingon. It has a self-aware humor that I really enjoyed. This movie drives my husband crazy. It’s rather like how I feel when he has the football on for more than one game. But a lot of the humor is that the writing is really self-aware of the characters and their age.

So what are your rewatchable movies? Let me know in the comments below?

Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.


2 thoughts on “Eminently Re-watchable”

  1. My sister and I watched Star Trek VI an uncountable number of times. It was the only one of the Star Trek movies we had on VHS. Another one we loved was The Rescue about the children of Navy SEALS who were captured in North Korea. Such a horrible story, but some great one-liners. I am also a fan of U.S. Marshals.


    1. I just read that vHS is officially dead now. No one is making them anymore. So many good memories of combing the video store for a movie I hadn’t seen yet.

      The Rescue sounds like a good guilty pleasure. I’ll have to think of one from my childhood.

      I liked the US Marshalls, too. That started with The Fugitive, didn’t it?


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