When Worlds Collide 2016: Great Times and Great Opportunities

It may seem odd that someone living in Tokyo attends a local Calgary literary festival, but When Worlds Collide (WWC) is a great reason to come to Calgary. If you’re a reader or a writer, the very reasonable Convention fees provide three days of great opportunities. You can meet other readers and authors, attend panels to improve your craft or increase your publishing savvy. You can even pitch your novel! Maybe the best thing about WWC that it how inclusive it is for all types of writing and the feeling is that everyone is welcome. This is a non-profit, volunteer-run festival.

Keynote Speakers: (L-R) Eve Silver, Ian Hamilton, Julie E. Czerneda, Robert Runté, Marty Chan

In truth, the first time I went to WWC was a bit coincidental. I found out that WWC was going to be held while visiting family so I signed up. This year, I arranged my family visit so that I would be on time for WWC. Next year, I’m planning on making a trip just to make sure I’m there for the 7th WWC.

Absinthe pour
Absinthe tasting at the Tyche Books/Steampunk Arts and Science Society social.

In true Calgary spirit, the atmosphere is very friendly. It’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with someone. Plus if you are a reader or a writer, this is your tribe! Calgary is so lucky to have such a well-organized literary convention full of people doing and sharing what they love.

I’ve enjoyed all the panels I’ve attended but there are a couple of standouts:

And I still have more panels and discussions to check out tomorrow!

This year the Prix Aurora awards are presented at WWC 2016. These are the Science Fiction Writers of Canada Awards





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