About Me

In some alternate reality I am a world-weary, kick-ass heroine with supreme martial arts skills, a preternatural mathematics ability, a killer wardrobe and all the latest tech gadgets I can carry. Of course, this life is accessorized with the perfect alpha-male partner who lets me go my own way until I need a hand.

In real life I’m a writer, photographer and illustrator. I teach part-time. I did get a black belt in ju-jitsu but my math skills are “extremely” average. The wardrobe budget is now overtaken by a very real camera and gadget addiction. Luckily, I pretty much ended up with the husband.

My website is www.loriono.com.

My portrait business website is www.lorionophotography.com

I write contemporary romance and urban fantasy. These are stories I love to read and write. I’m endlessly fascinated by how relationships and love, or their lack, shape people.

I love the strange and the absurd, the cute and the creepy. That aesthetic shapes my approach to writing urban fantasy and illustration.

I am currently working on a contemporary romance, urban fantasy and a graphic novel. I have a long-term narrative photography project using a character, Estello.  You can find Estello at www.estelloproject.wordpress.com. You can also follow Estello on Facebook (Estello, fictional character).

London, 2012



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