About The Spendy Pencil

Why is this blog called the Spendy Pencil?

I write, draw and photograph things. The “pencil” represents the tools I use to do these things. Some are actual a pencil, (my favorite is a rather spendy Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical pencil). My other “pencils” are quite spendy, like a computer, my pen and tablet and my cameras. Some people buy shoes to relax. I buy pencils, notebooks and camera gear. If you have a stationary and camera addiction, Tokyo is definitely the place to live.

The Spendy Pencil is about creative life in Tokyo, Japan and beyond. It’s a place to share my creative experiments, a chance to review shops and give tips for living and creating in Tokyo. I hope to build community and hopefully give something back.



4 thoughts on “About The Spendy Pencil”

    1. Thanks for stopping by The Spendy Pencil!

      I like that there is a sharpener at the end. So you can get a nice sharp point. But sometimes I like a softer point so that is also a possibility. The lead is also a lot thicker which is good for me since I usually snap the lead on regular mechanical pencils.

      Because it is spendy, I usually lose them less often.

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