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Introducing Mildred Trevor-Thornes

In my last post I wrote about casting Shiitake Sensei   for the serialized story “The Great Mushroom Detective: The Case of the Golden Mushroom” in my zine MaiNichi Mushroom. I’d done a quick sketch of a hedgehog but it didn’t fit … Continue reading

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MaiNichi Mushroom Issue #2 Update: Casting Shiitake Sensei.

Work progresses on MaiNichi Mushroom Magazine. I’d hoped to have Issue 2 ready before now but got stuck with details about taxonomy. How much detail to include? How much to leave out? How to make it interesting? I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Inaugural Issue of Mai Nichi Mushroom is Available!

I finally finished the first issue of Mai Nichi Mushroom, your monthly guide to your daily mushroom life! I’m thrilled with how it looks and how the content came together.  I’m quite fond of the effect of the print on … Continue reading

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Birthday Zine 

I’m making a zone for my husband’s birthday. It’s themed around the story of a little fox who likes to study and collect mushrooms but slightly formatted like a lifestyle magazine. Maybe it seems odd but we live in Japan. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Scare Easily

A quick comic related to the post Listening to Scary Stories. So how do scary stories affect you? Do they keep you up? Do you need the light on? Is there only one type that freaks you out? Maybe they’re … Continue reading

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Morning Sketch: What Would It Look Like if a Kiss Swam with a Goldfish?

I wanted to start of the day with something creative. I used an old illo because I wanted to practice using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad. I used a layers technique like I would on Photoshop but I had to … Continue reading

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Short Review of “Japanese Manga, Anime and Games Exhibition” at The National Center of Art Tokyo

The show is running now until August 31 and tickets are 1000 yen, photography is not allowed on the exhibition. I have mixed feelings about this show. I’m a manga, anime and game fan and I was really excited to … Continue reading

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