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Bromeliad Mini-Location Shoot

One bromeliad terrarium creates photoshoots for four different types of movies. The shop Bromeliads in Okusawa opened last year. It’s a cute shop selling bromeliads (mainly airplants) and terrarium items such as glass containers, dishes, bits of wood, sand and … Continue reading

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Blogging Gear: Logicool Keys to Go Bluetooth Keyboad Review

I’d been looking for a keyboard to use with my iPhone and my iPad. I’m honestly rubbish with the virtual keyboard. I don’t intend to compose epics but I wanted something to do a quick blog post on the go … Continue reading

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Morning Sketch: What Would It Look Like if a Kiss Swam with a Goldfish?

I wanted to start of the day with something creative. I used an old illo because I wanted to practice using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad. I used a layers technique like I would on Photoshop but I had to … Continue reading

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A Tragic Cookie Romance.

While working on other posts, I got the urge to make a stop motion video. I know. Squirrel!-like attention span. Luckily, I remembered some old footage I’d taken using an app called Stop Motion Studio and I put it together … Continue reading

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App Review of StitchSketch LE. Designing Your Own Patterns Is Easier than Ever!

For today’s edition of Yarn Addiction Thursday, I’m reviewing With StitchSketch LE. You can create your own knit, cross-stitch, beadwork designs, or pixel art on your iPad or iPhone with ease. In the past, if you wanted to design a knitting pattern, … Continue reading

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Wonder Photo Shop Helps You Finish Your Photos with Fun.

Wondering what to do with that great photo you just took? Check out Wonder Photo Shop in Harajuku. “I have my print, what next?” is an overlooked challenge in photography. The life cycle of a photo tends to be, print … Continue reading

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Tokyo Snowflake Photos Inspired by Russian Photographer.

Two months ago I came across a post on about a Russian photographer who created his own macro rig and shoots snowflakes. The photographer is Alexey Kljatov and his blog is The io9 post is interesting and chaoticmind75 … Continue reading

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Photos From Narita Express

Sent from my iPad Heading to the airport on the way to visit my parents in Canada, I decided to play with an app I hardly ever use. The PuddingCamera App uses a variety of film types and retro camera lens … Continue reading

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Editing the Grey and Dreary to Sun and Cheery

It’s a grey and dreary day which is disappointing since the forecast was for sun and warmth. I’ve decided to create my own version of today. Rosebud courtesy of someone in my neighborhood. This is how it “really” looked today.

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Ink Garden of Edgar Allan Poe. Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s Postaweek Photo Challenge is green. At first I was going to upload a bunch of green bug pictures that I have, but when I sat down, a bottle of green fountain pen ink caught my eye. I realized … Continue reading

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