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Listening to Scary Stories

Lately I’ve been listening to horror narration on YouTube. Horror narration is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, I’m talking about a YouTube video in which someone reads scary stories, uses a few sound effects, some stock photo visuals or … Continue reading

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Some Favorite Poets for Poetry Potluck

So after five days of poetry I’m asked to think about which poets inspire me or I would recommend. Below is a list of poets in order that they popped into my mind. My poetry reading goals for the moment are … Continue reading

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Revisiting 15 Authors Who Influenced Me Because It’s My Birthday.

It’s weird when you come across things that you wrote a while ago. Reactions fall into two camps, Completely Cringeworthy or Still Resonating. It’s my birthday today and birthdays for me reflection. Usually I make a list of good and … Continue reading

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