Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017 with Tokyo Art Byte Group
October 5-8

Fourth Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2017
September 21-25, Onishi, Gunma

March 10-12
Group Exhibition with Tokyo Art Byte Members
Nishimachi Art Space

Third Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2016
September 19-27, Onishi, Gunma.
From the Shiro Oni Website:

“The Kanna Fall Art Festival brings together Shiro Oni Studio artists with craftsman and artists from the Kanna area. In 2016 the week-long festival had work from 40 artists from 20 countries”

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016 with Art Byte Critique Group
Sept 19-21, 2015. Tokyo. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Kanna Autumn Art Festival 2015
September 19-27, Onishi, Gunma.

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2015 with Art Byte Critique Group
Sept 19-21, 2015. Tokyo. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014 with Art Byte Critique Group
Sept 19-21, 2014. Tokyo. Kyoto University of Art and Design

Shiro Oni Art Residency
April 2014, Onishi, Gunma
Shiro Oni Artist Residency is located in the Japanese countryside and gives artists time to work on projects and get to know local residents and learn about Japanese culture.
Shiro Oni Open Studio Show April 26, 2014 with Jon Lau and Susanna Mammi.

Tokyo Spidering with Art Byte Critique Group at Hagiso Gallery
October 20-27, 2013. Tokyo: Hagiso Gallery, Yanaka.
Art Byte Critique group exhibited word based on the theme of modern communication, and web-crawling.

UnNaked Tokyo 
May 2013 ポレポレ坐、東中野/ Café Pole Pole, Higashi Nakano
A portrait exhibition featuring local and international photographers.

MINI Paceman Release Event
(Media Event/Collaboration)
February 13, 2013 Tokyo: R Gallery and February 18, 2013 Osaka: River Suite

ナショル・フォート創立44周年記念  新鋭写真家44人による写真展  National Photo 44th Anniversary
, State of the Art Photography by 44 Photographers
November 18 -Dec 1, 2011. Kodak Photo Gallery Ginza
This exhibition by National Photo celebrated 44 years of business with 44 photographers invited to exhibit film photographs.

Naked Tokyo
2006/2007/2008/2009 at various locations in Tokyo
Naked Tokyo was a series photography exhibitions with the theme of revealing a person’s body or character. Photographers in this exhibition were from Japan, North America, Europe and Asia.
2009 at Super Delux, Roppongi: Wakame Hime
2008 at Gallery le Deco, Shibuya: Yoru no Sojurn
2007 at Super Delux, Roppongi: Futonland
2006 at Tokyo American Club: Hong Kong


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